Welcome to our project.

This project was commissioned by Renaissance East Midlands, part of the MLA. It's a project designed to explore how to engage people around museum artefacts.

Each week, a different object from Nottingham City Museums and Galleries 'comes to life' and tells its story across different social media platforms, interacting with an audience, and culminating in the object's preservation in the museum.

This site is the archive and 'starting-off' point for the project. The interaction and storytelling happens on other social media platforms. Each week, a new object is brought to life, and is announced here, with links to its identity on sites such as Twitter and Facebook and Flickr. Over the course of the week, the object talks, telling a story (which is inspired by its actual history, but may include fictional elements), and responding to questions, comments and thoughts from the audience.

The project was conceived and produced by Rattle in Sheffield.